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At BRIJ MOHAN & ASSOCIATES, Client satisfaction is our top priority. We know how legal problems can be daunting and cause mental stress and anguish for many people. Our goal is to guide our clients in a clear and direct way through the complexities of the legal process. Our approaches to legal challenges are innovative, creative, and, most of all, EFFECTIVE.

We offer the following legal services in English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu:

Criminal Defence


The Law Office of BRIJ MOHAN & ASSOCIATES has successfully handled criminal matters ranging from shoplifting to First Degree Murder, and virtually everything in between. Our high rate of success in criminal advocacy is based on our commitment to our clients, but also decades of experience. View a list of our trial experience. Our  record speaks for itself!

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Immigration Law


The Law Firm of BRIJ MOHAN & ASSOCIATES can represent you in all areas of immigration law across Canada. Immigration matters can be complicated and daunting to deal with. Many issues may crop up before, during or even after the process, which can have serious consequences such as arrest or deportation and bans that can be life altering.

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Personal Injury


BRIJ MOHAN & ASSOCIATES understands that being involved in an accident through no fault of your own is a stressful and frightening experience. In addition to suffering from injuries, you are often faced with the challenges of dealing with insurance companies, treatment costs, time off work, and perhaps mental and emotional problems such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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