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We specialise in the areas of Immigration Law, Criminal Defence and Personal Injury cases.

We live in one of the best law-abiding countries in the world where Fundamental Rights are guaranteed!

We at BRIJ MOHAN & ASSOCIATES will do whatever it takes, within legal limits to protect and defend those Fundamental Rights and Freedoms enshrined in our Constitution.

Surrey Criminal and Personal Injury Lawyers

Canadian Immigration Law, Criminal and Personal Injury Lawyers

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At BRIJ MOHAN & ASSOCIATES, we know that satisfying current client relationships and building new relationships comes from demonstrated excellence in client service, attention to detail and affordable legal services. We have a total of 42 staff members including 15 relentless Lawyers to cater to your legal needs. Every member of our team at BRIJ MOHAN & ASSOCIATES is dedicated and committed to helping our clients with a high level of integrity and professionalism.

Our founder, Brij Mohan, completed his law degree from London Guildhall University, U.K. Brij Mohan is an experienced lawyer with nearly three decades of Courtroom Trial Experience yielding many high-profile reported decisions. Brij Mohan has been privileged to represent his clients before all levels of Trial and Appellate Courts across Canada, as well as the highest level of court, The Supreme Court of Canada. He is a member in good standing with multiple Law Societies in Canada.

Brij Mohan & Associates, Barristers and Solicitors

Brij Mohan & Associates, Barristers and Solicitors is conveniently located nationally at multiple locations across Canada to serve you better. Contact us if you have any questions, or want to find a location near you.